About Krystal Ariel

Born in Miami in Florida – US. Krystal is of primarily of Cuban, German, and Irish decent.

She is a certified yoga instructor and received her 200 hour training in 2014 with Fred Busch Yoga. She received her Reiki – Okuden (2nd Level) certification from Star Therapies in 2019. She has organized and led classes, workshops, events and retreats in the US and in Mexico.

The first part of her life had a very large focus on music. Krystal began studying music at the age of 9. She toured Austria with the Miami Choral Society (now MCC) and sang in a few major operas. She sang at Disney and Carnegie hall with her school choir and competed in district and state vocal evaluations. She’s written original music, had a few duos/collaborations and received her Bachelor’s in Music from Florida International University.

She first learned about yoga at the age of 27, at a time in her life when she was starting to question everything and was ready for radical transformation.

During her time in México, Krystal was the yogi in residence for the St. Regis Hotel in Mexico City and Westin Hotel in Santa Fe where she worked with high profile individuals and celebrities. She had the privilege to also work closely with shamans and experience the healing of the local ancestral medicine, participating, assisting, and leading Temazcal and plant medicine ceremonies.

Reiki has also been very present in her life. She first learned about reiki after a session with Mayara Healing Arts. The second time was when she met Elizabeth Galvis and the third was when she met her friend Raven Marie. She finally decided to get certified in Traditional Japanese Reiki in 2019 with Joanna Bardol.

Apart from the wellness world, Krystal has also worked with helped launch various startups and most recently led communications and community building efforts, including internal and external events for a global enterprise. During this time, she learned about the importance of wellness in the work place and how so many companies lack this very critical aspect of being human, and this was especially made evident throughout the pandemic.

Passionate about helping employees find wellbeing, she went back to the books and completed the Employee Wellness & Stress Management course from Stanford Medicine. She implemented weekly mindfulness sessions, offered desk yoga classes and worked endlessly to create a safe space for people speak up and make change.

Change is the only constant in life and return is the movement of the Tao. As the tide turned, her time in the corporate world was up and her time to take wellness to the next level was on the horizon.

Krystal created this website to help those who are overworked, stressed, exhausted, and anxious to find balance, harmony and peace in their lives through the practice of breath work, movement and mindfulness.