I help people become mentally disciplined and physically strong by building better habits and adopting practices like yoga and mindfulness.

“I was able to clear my thoughts and enter a state of complete relaxation. Krystal’s voice and direction are so soothing. The tension I was carrying in my back is gone and the breathing put me into a peaceful state.”

– Alexandra S.


Start Building Better Habits in 5 Minutes

Achieving your goals is much easier with accountability and discipline. I’m here to help you do it.

“Krystal makes it so easy to stay on track and committed to show up for myself every week. Not to mention, she explains each move beside a feeling but rather the actual factual placement of your body.”

– Paula P.

Hi, I’m Krystal 👋

I’ve been teaching yoga since 2013 and I am passionate about helping people get out of their rut and into alignment with the life they keep dreaming of! By tweaking the daily routine and taking easy steps to implement better habits, a dream like maintaining a consistent and daily yoga practice is totally possible! And making it a habit means it happens with zero effort because we’ve trained the brain to do it, automatically.

Create long-lasting change and build a routine aligned to the life you desire.