Relieve Stress with Movement & Meditation

Feeling exhausted, stressed and in desperate need of peace and relaxation? You’ve come to the right place…

Join the Weekly Feel Good

Group Class
45 Minutes via Zoom

Every Monday at 7:00pm CST

Featuring deep breathing, yin yoga style movements and meditation to leave your body, mind and soul feeling open, relaxed and ultimately… FEELING GOOD!



Transform Fatigue into Vitality!


Private Session
10 Minutes via Zoom

Clear air pathways, increase lung capacity and breathe in more oxygen so you can breathe with ease.

Incorporates pranayama and other breathing techniques. Excellent for smokers, those who are trying to quit or anyone that wants to clean out their lungs and learn how to breathe better.

$10 USD

No Risk Guarantee: Breathe better after 1 session or it’s free.


Transform Stagnant Energy into Focused Discipline.


Private Session
45 Minutes via Zoom

Our bodies store emotion, stress, and trauma. Conscious movement that incorporates conscious breathing, like yoga for example, acts as an internal cleansing mechanism. The breath assists the body in various unique body postures to move and release toxins.

Perfect for those who prefer a private setting with more personalized attention and focus on adjustments.

$75 USD

No Risk Guarantee: Feel better after 1 session or it’s free.


Start your journey to living a happier life.

Stress less, live more!

Constantly evolving. Come back tomorrow and see what’s new. ♥️ Krystal