hi there!

i’m Krystal

Yoga Teacher, Mindfulness Guide, Singer, Dancer, Traveler, Health Foodie, and Wellness Fairy. My mission is to help 10,000 millennial women experience radical self-improvement so they can shine so bright, they RADIATE!

The journey begins here…


Build Better Habits in 5 Minutes

This is the exact method I used to start moving away from depression and build the life I wanted.


Strength Training Sequence

Changing your life requires discipline, dedication, and strength. There’s no way around it. This sequence will help you build strength physically, mentally, and emotionally.


Slow Vinyasa Yoga
Wellness Wednesday

Live Every Wednesday @ 6:30 AM CST. This will help you build a weekly wellness habit that focuses on breath, mindfulness, movement, and community.

“Love the way she holds space, moves the body and integrates philosophy.”

Stephanie M.
Fort Worth, TX

“So lovely!
Krystal has such a great and peaceful presence.”

Sarah W.
San Francisco, CA

“She’s made it so easy to stay on track and committed to show up for myself every week.”

Paula P.
Miami, FL

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