RL #2: Spilling secrets from Stanford

The second Sunday edition of Radiant Living. 

This week I am spilling secrets from my Stanford studies – (PERMA)

For those that are new here, I’m Krystal. I send daily micro servings of insights, tips, and tools, Monday through Friday, and a large serving every Sunday to help you become the best version of yourself. It does take work to show up every single day and I happily do it with pleasure because YOU are worth it, and my desire to spread LOVE is worth it. 


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5 Elements of Happiness

Let’s talk about Martin Seligman’s PERMA model – aka the framework for happiness. 

 P for POSITIVE EMOTIONS – Develop them because looking on the sunny side of life will make you a happier person. 

Here are some ways you can cultivate positive emotions

2. E for ENGAGEMENT – This is about being completely wrapped up in the present moment. It’s the flow state 🌊 

Have you ever felt completely focused and in the zone? That’s flow.

R for RELATIONSHIPS – (Specifically, POSITIVE relationshipsHow to build them and keep them.

4. M for MEANING – What gives your life meaning? What is your purpose? Happy people have this to fall back on. 

If you have no idea, no worries my friend. This video will help you out.

5. A for ACCOMPLISHMENT – Contrary to what some people think, accomplishment plays a huge role in happiness. 

When you achieve something you feel good about yourself. Here’s how you can set goals and achieve them.

And there you have it! That’s the OG model – but there’s more! Do you want to know the rest? Reply TELL ME, KRYSTAL and if enough people do it, I will send the two elements that were later added in as a suggestion by my professor. 


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